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The bachelorette party is over, the wedding day has come and gone, but one thing remains before you can say “I do” to your new title of wife: thanking your bridesmaids. The women who have helped you plan a wedding will always be special to you. So, take a moment and thank each of them with a gift that’s as unique as they are. In addition to giving them something beautiful and useful, you’ll give them something that reminds them of their support for your big day for years to come:

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Have a group photo shoot to showcase your ladies.

Group photo shoots are a great way to get all your ladies together before the wedding. You can get professional photos taken with your bridesmaids and best friends, or you can set up some fun shots around town that showcase your personalities. You might even want to have a mini photo shoot with your current boyfriend (or future one!).

These photos will look amazing in any wedding album or in the background of your website, so it’s important to do them while everyone has their hair done and makeup on. If you’re not sure where to go for professional pictures, ask around at local boutiques or check out our list of local photographers here.

Engrave the bridesmaids’ jewelry with their initials.

You can make your bridesmaids’ jewelry even more special by engraving their initials on the back. Use a jeweler that’s well-known and reputable and choose a font that will be easy to read.

Give a small bud vase with a single flower, or flowers in a personalized holder.

Give a small bud vase with a single flower, or flowers in a personalized holder.

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves plants but doesn’t have the green thumb to keep them alive. It’s thoughtful without being boring, and you can personalize it by adding something special on top of the vase (like an old photograph or handwritten note).

Tie the gifts up with ribbon and present them in vintage boxes.

If you’re giving gifts to your bridesmaids, consider tying them up with some ribbon and presenting them in vintage boxes. You can use a bow or a ribbon to tie the gifts together and then tie that to the box. Tie it up with another piece of ribbon so the box is extra secure, then top it off with something cute like a bow or flower.

If you want to get really fancy, you can wrap individual items inside each other for an even more impressive presentation!

Give your ladies bath bombs that share your wedding date or initials.

Bath bombs are one of the best bridal party gifts out there. You can have your initials or wedding date printed on them, and they can be made in any color, shape and scent. Bath bombs are also a great idea if you’re looking for something different than traditional cupcakes or other sweets as well. It’s easy enough to get creative with ingredients like essential oils that will make these bath bombs more personalized!

Give each lady a tie-dye sleep mask and robe, embroidered with her name or initials.

Give everyone a sleep mask and robe, embroidered with their name or initials. Sleep masks are a fun gift for the bride and groom to give to the bridal party. They’re also a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to be woken up by sunlight when they get home from the wedding reception!

If you want something special, consider having your gifts embroidered with bright colors that compliment each person’s personality. This way, every time they wear their robes (and yes, we know you will), they’ll be reminded of how much you love them and appreciate their support on this special day.

Choose stunning earrings for each girl in your chosen wedding colors.

If you’re having a bridal party, it’s important to make sure that the girls have matching earrings. This is a great way to give each of them their own special touch and create some unity in your wedding party. Be sure to choose earrings that closely match the color of each bridesmaid’s dress so they can coordinate well with it. If you want something more unique, consider choosing different styles of earrings for each girl (such as long or short) or even making customized ones!

Also make sure that the size of your earrings are appropriate for your bridesmaids—if they’re too big or small, then it may look awkward when she wears them because one girl will stand out from the rest. Finally, keep things affordable by choosing simple options like studs instead of dangling items like dangly drops or hoop rings which could easily get caught on things during dancing at receptions after parties (or even worse: just get knocked off by accident).

Get each girl an embroidered tote bag as a gift bag for their other gifts.

If you’re looking for bridal party gifts that are both practical and pretty, consider getting each girl an embroidered tote bag as a gift bag for their other gifts.

I love the idea of having our names embroidered on cute totes. I think they could also be used as makeup bags or cosmetic pouches!

There are so many options available when it comes to gift bags like this! You can choose from bold colors or neutral tones; whimsical designs or sophisticated patterns; modern silhouettes or classic shapes—the list goes on. There are even options if you’d prefer not to have your names on them (but they look super cute!). And don’t forget about wrapping paper! Instead of putting everything in a box, wrap each item separately in tissue paper before placing it inside the bag so that it looks more stylish when she opens her bag later down at her housewarming party next week 🙂 This way she can reuse all those cute little boxes throughout her life instead of throwing them out after just one use.”

Give every girl a leather passport holder with her name embossed on it and a personalized luggage tag, too.

If you know a girl who travels frequently, give her a passport holder with her name embossed on it and a personalized luggage tag. A passport holder is a great gift for any girl who travels often, and the personalized suitcase tag is an adorable way to personalize the gift even more.

Both will be useful when it comes time to get her through airport security—plus they’re stylish additions that’ll keep your belongings organized while she’s away.

Have napkins embroidered with their names and presented in small boxes tied with ribbon.

Having your bridesmaids’ names embroidered on the napkins is a great way to remind everyone at the table where they belong. Each girl can have her own personalized napkin, and then you can also include their initials in the design as well. A date would be a great way to add some personalization to each set of napkins as well. Customizing these with colors from your wedding theme will mean that every time someone uses them, they’ll think of your special day!

A fun idea for this would be tying each set of napkins into small boxes with ribbon around them so that when presented at dinner time, it feels like a gift for all of your girls. Another idea is using fabric paint or calligraphy ink along with glitter glue to write out what each person’s name means (and spell it correctly!) instead of just writing their actual name out! You could even use different colors depending on how many people are in attendance at your event—this would look especially pretty if done by hand instead of machine sewing because then there would be slight variations in placement between each letter/color combo which gives things more personality than just having everything printed evenly across all three fabrics used

Some ideas for thoughtful bridal party gifts

Here’s a list of some thoughtful bridal party gifts:

  • Passport holders for the international guests in your wedding party. Each of these will be engraved with their name and the date of your ceremony. These make great favors to give out at the end of the night!
  • Luggage tags for the more adventurous bridesmaids in your crew. They can attach them to their suitcases before jetting off to their honeymoon destinations, so everyone can easily tell which bag belongs to whom without having to rummage through them all!
  • Napkins for those who are looking for something personal but not too expensive or fancy. This gives each member on your squad one little piece of cloth emblazoned with a message from you (I recommend “Love Always,” “Keep Calm & Carry On,” etc.), plus they’ll have something nice when they’re eating dinner alone on a flight across country—or abroad!


We hope this roundup has given you a few ideas if you’re looking to get your bridesmaids gifts they’ll treasure. Whether you want something useful, like a passport holder or luggage tag, or something more fun, like tie-dye robes and sleep masks, we’ve got lots of suggestions that would be perfect for your bridal party.

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