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When planning a bridal party or any other event, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the details. You want everything to be perfect, and you want your guests to have a great time. Let’s face it: if your guests don’t have a good time, they won’t come back again for another event! Here are some ways you can make sure that your guests have an amazing time at your party.

Provide security

  • Security is important at any party, and it’s even more crucial when you have all of your bridal party guests in one place.
  • You can provide security yourself or ask a friend or family member to help out with this task.
  • If you don’t want to put the responsibility on anyone, hire a professional security company that specializes in weddings—they usually have staff members who are experienced and trained for these kinds of events.

Good Transportation

  • Good transportation is essential to a happy bridal party. If you plan on having your guests stay at a hotel, make sure that the hotel has good transportation in place. The best way to do this is by communicating with the hotel directly and asking them how many people can be picked up at once, how far away the airport is, and what kind of accommodations they offer (such as shuttles or taxis).
  • Make sure that you have an accurate headcount for your guest list before making any agreements about transportation services with these parties.

Great Venue

Choose a venue that is easy to find and accessible by public transportation, car and foot. It should be accessible by wheelchair, stroller and bike as well.

If you plan on having your wedding outdoors or on a boat, make sure you’re familiar with the weather conditions in that location so you can choose the right time of year for your event!


  • Consider accessibility.
  • Ensure that your venue is accessible to all guests, especially those with disabilities. This includes having a good parking lot and public transportation options, as well as an elevator, if necessary. The venue should also have bathrooms that are easily navigable by wheelchair users and others with mobility issues.

Beautiful decor

To ensure that your guests will have a beautiful experience, be sure to decorate the bridal party venue in keeping with the wedding theme and in accordance with the venue’s standards. You also want to make sure that you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to turn your reception hall into a circus; keep things understated and classy!

Make sure you don’t forget to decorate both restrooms—this is something many brides forget! To ensure that your guests will have a beautiful experience, be sure to decorate both restrooms—this is something many brides forget! Make sure there are plenty of tissues for those who need them and consider including some inspirational quotes on mirror-worthy signs on the wall or above each stall door (a common place for people’s eyes as they wait). Lastly, don’t forget about arranging centerpieces on top of tables if possible–it makes everything look so much nicer!

You may also want to consider decorating food tables since this can help add ambiance when setting up for your wedding day (and it’s not too difficult!).

Nice drinks

  • Alcoholic beverages: If your wedding is a bar crawl, your guests are going to want drinks. It can be a real bummer if they don’t have any.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: These should be available for children, pregnant women and elderly guests who might not want to drink at all or only have one or two drinks before dinner.

Awesome food

  • Offer a variety of food options. Make sure the food is fresh and tasty. People have different tastes, so make sure you have options for all dietary restrictions: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free. If you’re going to do a buffet, make it colorful!
  • Don’t forget drinks! This can be as simple as providing water or juice in chilled glasses at each setting or an open bar with fancy cocktails (which I don’t recommend on a Saturday night immediately after work).

Entertainment for the children

If you don’t want children at your party and/or don’t have kids of your own, make sure that there are activities and food for them to do. If someone is hiring a babysitter for the event, this shouldn’t be a problem! For those without child-minding arrangements made in advance, consider keeping party favors on hand that can entertain small children during the open bar window (and perhaps during later parts of the night). Candy necklaces or plastic toys are ideal options here; they’re cheap enough that they won’t break anyone’s budget too much and will keep kids entertained while their parents enjoy themselves.

If you’re having an open bar wedding reception with little ones in attendance—or even if it’s just supposed to be an adults-only reception but you’ve suddenly found yourself hosting lots of children—make sure there are plenty of activities available so everyone has fun!

Entertainment for adults or the elderly

You may be wondering why it’s so important for your guests to be entertained. Well, the truth is that many people attending weddings are not necessarily friends with the bride or groom and might not even know anyone else at the wedding. If they are bored, they may leave early. You want your guests to stay until at least midnight because then there will be cake cutting!

We recommend having some sort of entertainment planned for both children and adults; this will ensure that everyone has something to do while they wait for dinner time, which should be served around 7pm sharp so you can enjoy dancing afterward (or earlier if it’s a daytime party). We also recommend having fun activities such as scavenger hunts, face painting booths and photo booths where guests can take pictures with props like wigs and fake mustaches!

Here are some great ideas:

Gift bags or party favors

When you’re looking for a way to make your guests happy at your bridal party, consider giving them gifts or party favors. These items are perfect for thanking everyone who helped you plan the wedding and prepare for your big day. Here are some things to think about when deciding if you’d like to give away gifts:

  • What should be included in a gift bag?
  • What should be included in a party favor?
  • How can I make sure my guests know they are getting a gift bag or party favor?

Friendly staff or servers

  • Friendly staff or servers
  • Attentive staff or servers
  • Professional staff or servers
  • Knowledgeable staff or servers
  • Helpful staff or servers
  • Responsive to your needs and wants as a guest. Your job is to make sure they have everything they need, so they can do their jobs well and make you happy. They love it when you treat them well! You are the one who makes them happy because of your actions and words. The way you treat people gets back to them through word of mouth about how good you were to them (or bad). So remember: “You get what you give”.

Fun wedding games that everyone can enjoy

  • Fun wedding games that everyone can enjoy
  • Easy-to-set-up
  • Easy-to-clean up
  • Easy-to-transport (even if it means a trip to the local park)
  • Not too expensive—these are your friends, not millionaires!
  • Not too loud—the reception hall probably has a sound curfew for reasons like “not waking the neighbors at 3 AM.”
  • And definitely not messy, because you don’t want your dresses getting ruined or anything else in case of an accidental spillage.

When planning a bridal party, consider what your guests might want as well.

When you’re planning a bridal party, don’t forget about the people who have come to celebrate with both of you. While it’s important for all of them to feel included in the festivities and have a good time, some guests may need more care and attention than others. If someone has special dietary needs or wants to celebrate in a non-traditional way (for example, if they are vegan), that should be considered when planning food options. There’s no reason why these details can’t be taken into account when planning your big day!

If at all possible, include any potential dietary restrictions before getting married so that no one is surprised on their wedding day. You’ll want everyone focused on joyous things like how happy they are for the bride and groom instead of worrying about whether they will get sick from eating something or not!


A good bridal party has everything your guests want. It’s a celebration of your new life, but also a chance to thank those people who’ve supported you from the start. Use this blog post as a guide and plan the perfect event for everyone!

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