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If you are the maid of honor, you can expect some kind of gift from the bride as a thank you. You’ve probably put in a lot of work to help organize the wedding and support her throughout this journey. It only makes sense that she would want to get you something as well. But what do you get for someone who has supported you through something big like this? If you’re not sure where to start, we have some ideas. Here is our list of 20 great gifts for your maid of honor:

Custom clutch bag

A clutch bag is a small handbag that you can carry around in your hand. It’s a lot smaller than a regular handbag, which means it’s also easier to carry around.

Clutch bags are often used for special occasions or nights out on the town so they can hold important things like your phone, ID, money and lipstick. There are different styles of clutch bags, including cross body and wrist strap clutches! The materials used to make them include leather and fabric so you can find one that matches any outfit you have in mind!

Personalized robe

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for the bride to give her maid of honor, look no further than personalized robes! These garments make a great gift for the bride to give her maid of honor because they can help the latter feel special on their big day.

Robe sets typically feature one robe in a solid color and one bathrobe in another color or pattern. The solid-colored robe is often designated as an official “Maid of Honor” robe, while its partner may be designated as an “Honorary Bride” bathrobe (or vice versa). This type of set makes a great gift because it helps both parties feel special during their time together with plenty left over for future use.

On top of this basic set, there are many other types of customized robes available:

Monogrammed stemless wine glass

A monogrammed stemless wine glass is a great gift for the Maid of Honor. She’ll love it and use it for years to come. A nice way to personalize a gift, these are also great as a way to thank the bride and her bridesmaids for all their hard work during this special time.

Custom sticky note set

Sticky notes are the perfect gift for your maid of honor. They’re a great way to keep track of important things, like reminding herself she has an appointment with her hair stylist or letting her know that she needs to reserve the church pews for next week’s wedding shower.

They also make a great way to leave notes for friends and family members—from letting your best friend know you got off work early, to asking your mom if she can help out with childcare on Saturday night so you can go out with your girlfriends.

Gift box set

A gift box set is a great gift idea. It is a set of items that are packaged together. The items can be related to each other, or they can be items that are not related at all (such as a pair of earrings, and a hand cream).

The box can be made of wood or plastic. If you want to make the present even more personal, feel free to add some personal touches by writing your own note inside the box!

Pearl or diamond earrings

If you’re looking for a classic gift that’s appropriate for any occasion, pearl and diamond earrings are the way to go. Pearls are always a good choice because they come in every color of the rainbow—both white and cream colored pearls can be found in almost every shade of yellow, pink and peach. Diamonds are another traditional gemstone that can be worn by anyone no matter their taste or style preferences. They also come in a variety of shapes from hearts to circles to squares to ovals, so there’s something for everyone!

If you’re unsure what size or shape would look best on your Maid Of Honor (MOH), ask yourself if she has pierced ears before buying anything too big or flashy since they may not look right unless she chooses an earring style with multiple loops or hoops which will make it easier on her when she wears them out somewhere fancy such as her own wedding day!

Bracelet with birthstones

If you want a gift that’s both meaningful and useful, then a bracelet with her birthstones is the way to go. You can get one that features all your closest friends’ birthstones or just include one stone to remind your maid of honor of all of the people who love her and supported her on this journey.

If she loves jewelry and wears it every day, this is an excellent option because it will be something she can wear all the time without having to worry about forgetting it somewhere (or loaning it out). If she isn’t much into jewelry but wants something related to her wedding day anyway, consider getting a custom message engraved on one side of the bracelet—maybe something like “Maid Of Honor” or another word/phrase that reminds you both why she’s so special? This gift could also be personalized by including a specific gemstone: maybe add in an amethyst stone (for strength) or emeralds (longevity) if those are things important to both parties!

Personalized makeup bag or pouch

Another great option is a personalized makeup bag or pouch. If your maid of honor is traveling to the wedding with you, it’s probably best to get her something that she can use on-the-go so she doesn’t have to carry around a bulky purse. She’ll be able to put her essentials in this cute little bag and keep everything at hand during all of the festivities!

Makeup bags come in many styles and colors, but I recommend using one with a mirror on it so that the bride can use it at the actual wedding as well (she’ll especially love this if she doesn’t have time beforehand). You can also personalize this gift by putting her name or initials on it; some people prefer having their gifts personalized, while others just want something generic that they won’t mind being seen carrying around wherever they go.

Spa kit

If you’re looking for a great gift to give the maid of honor, consider one that will help her unwind and relax. One option is a spa kit!

  • Include a variety of spa products. This can be anything from bath salts, bubble bath and body lotion to face masks, nail polish and foot scrubs. You’ll want to make sure it’s all paraben-free so as not to irritate sensitive skin.
  • Include a spa gift certificate or card. A $50-$100 certificate will give your maid of honor the freedom to pick her own product or services without feeling pressured into buying something she doesn’t like or need just because it was given as a gift by you (or someone else). If you’re worried about spending too much money on something as simple as an hour massage session then consider gifting her with multiple smaller certificates instead—one for each week leading up until the wedding date so she has time between appointments for recovery time between treatments!
  • Include some kind of basket container where everything fits inside nicely without falling out when opened up – this way everything stays organized so nothing gets lost between uses 🙂

Bridesmaid travel jewelry organizer

One of the best parts of a bridesmaid’s role is being able to help the bride with anything she needs, especially if it’s something that will take a lot of time and energy. If your maid of honor is also like me and has a hard time keeping track of all her small items, then this jewelry organizer would be perfect for her!

It comes in an adorable rose gold color and has 20 compartments for storing things such as earrings, rings and necklaces. It also comes with 5 removable dividers so you can customize the size according to what type of rings/necklaces/earrings you want to store inside it.

Travel coffee mug for the plane

You’re the best. Your maid of honor knows this, and she wants to make sure you have the best possible experience on your trip. That’s why we recommend this travel coffee mug for her—it keeps your hot drink warm for hours, is easy to clean and environmentally friendly, and it is freezable (so that it won’t spill in your luggage).

Personalized journal notebook and pen set

  • A journal notebook and pen set is a great gift for any bride, but it’s especially fitting for the Maid of Honor. Your love will be able to write down her memories, thoughts and feelings about the big day. She can use it to write down all her ideas for the bachelorette party or bridal shower, or even just jot down ideas for the honeymoon! This is a gift that will last forever—the bride will treasure it forever as she keeps track of everything special that happened on her wedding day.

Keepsake photo album with handwritten notes from each bridesmaid.

For the bride who loves to write thank you notes, this is a perfect gift for her maid of honor. The bride can add photos and handwritten notes to the album and give each bridesmaid an opportunity to write a note back. This can be an opportunity for them all to share their favorite memories from the wedding or from their friendship with the bride. It’s also a great place for you as the maid of honor to leave your own personal message of love, thanks, or appreciation!

If you want something more creative than just words written on paper, consider adding a gift card instead! This helps keep your budget in check while still giving your friend some extra money that she might not have received otherwise (because everyone knows how expensive weddings are).

Nail polish, lip gloss, and mascara gift set.

  • A gift set like this is a good choice because it is practical, useful and versatile.
  • The bride will use the lip gloss and mascara for her wedding day.
  • The nail polish is a good choice because it can be used for many occasions, as well as by bridesmaids or friends who want to dress up their nails in pretty shades during their leisure time.

Makeup mirror with lights.

If you want to get the maid of honor something that will really help her with her makeup, a makeup mirror is a great option. The mirror can be used for applying makeup and also doubles as a magnifying mirror for putting on jewelry. Makeup mirrors are a great gift idea because they can be used as an everyday item or as something special for weddings and other occasions like parties.

When choosing a makeup mirror, look for one that has multiple brightness settings so there will be enough light whether you’re putting on your entire face or just doing eyebrow touch-ups before going out. Also make sure it has an adjustable arm so you can position it wherever is most comfortable to work in the bathroom or bedroom.

Gift card to her favorite online store.

Gift cards are a great gift for the bride, bridesmaids and maid of honor. They’re also a good idea for the mother of the bride or groom (but not necessarily both parents) as well as in-laws.

You can get gift cards that apply to any store you want—online or offline—and they come in all different denominations. Gift cards are especially great because they give people freedom to buy what they want without having to spend hours trying to figure out what exactly that might be.

A custom wedding hanger for her dress. (I like this one.)

  • Check out the website and see a few photos of the hangers.
  • They are made of wood and covered in fabric that looks like velvet, which makes it easy to hang up and take down again.
  • You can personalize the hanger with your initials or a special message to your maid of honor!

If you are the maid of honor, you can expect some kind of gift from the bride as a thank you.

If you are the maid of honor, you can expect some kind of gift from the bride as a thank you. She may not be able to afford something lavish, but it is nice to show her how much she means to you.

It’s also important that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself when picking out a gift. Don’t feel like you have to spend outrageous amounts of money or buy something that costs more than what you could save up in two paychecks (because chances are she won’t). Try not to buy anything that will clutter up her home or apartment (you’ll just end up having to dust it later anyway). And don’t worry about getting her something big enough—a card and flowers will do just fine!


Whether she’s your sister, best friend, or cousin—if you are the maid of honor to a bride, that relationship matters. And you want to make sure the gift you give is something she will love. So, take our advice and make something thoughtful!

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