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If you’re lucky enough to be planning a bridal shower for someone you love, you know that it can be an overwhelming task. There are so many factors to consider! Is it the right time of year? Does the theme match their tastes? Are the decorations cute enough but also tasteful? And most importantly, should there be a chocolate fountain or not?! To help you narrow down your choices, here are seven adorable and sophisticated bridal shower ideas that will leave all your guests swooning:

1. Hanging air balloon decor

Hanging air balloon decor is a great way to add some fun to your bridal shower. It’s also inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to transport. The best part? Balloons are a breeze to clean up after the party!

  • Air balloons are inexpensive
  • They’re easy to hang up
  • And they can be reused again and again

There’s no better way to say “cheers!”

2. Lace and pink blossom decor

Add some pink and white flowers to your decor. This is one of the easiest ways to add a feminine touch to your shower.

If you’re having it at home, use lace tablecloths and napkins. You can also decorate with lace decorations like doilies, ornaments and ribbons.

If you’re not having it at home, use pink and white balloons instead of helium ones (which are expensive). These will fill up the room quickly without costing too much money on helium!

Lastly, add bunting with both pink hearts & white lace patterns as well as try putting together an invitation suite using this color scheme instead of plain invitations!

3. Gold themed bridal shower

If you’re looking for a themed bridal shower that is both elegant and unique, then gold is the way to go. It’s the color of royalty and luxury, so it will make your guests feel like they’re at an event fit for a queen—or king.

In order to pull off this theme flawlessly, you’ll need:

  • Gold tableware (plates, cups, napkins)
  • Gold food (chocolate covered strawberries or sugar cookies shaped like crowns are perfect options)
  • Gold balloons in varying sizes that say things like “Bride” and “Bride-to-Be” on them
  • Gold candles in glass containers filled with sand or water so they don’t drip wax everywhere when lit up! Also consider using battery-operated lights instead if electric ones aren’t allowed where your party will be held (for example: outdoors).
  • Ribbon – If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on with this bridal shower theme it’s ribbon! Grab plenty of gold ribbon because it can be found pretty much anywhere; even dollar stores carry some form of metallic colored tape nowadays! Then wrap everything up nicely with bows made out of said ribbon tied around each gift box before gifting them out during dessert time 🙂

4. Pastel floral decor

Flowers are one of the most versatile decorations you could use to decorate a bridal shower. They’re not expensive and they last for a long time, so you won’t need to constantly replace them throughout the party.

Depending on your style and theme, there are many ways you can use flowers for your bridal shower:

  • Arrange them in vases, jars or bowls. Use colorful ribbon to create a bouquet around your cake table (or even hide some of those less-than-gorgeous flowers). Use smaller vases as place settings and fill with different types of flowers depending on how many people will be seated at each table (and feel free to mix up different colored blooms). You could also go for an all-white look using fresh roses or maybe even try out some new fall colors by adding yellow chrysanthemums!

5. Pink and gold plate decor

  • Pink and gold plate decor

Pink and gold is a great color combination, so why not use it to decorate your table? You can use gold plates, cups, napkins, and place cards. Use pink and gold decorations. Consider using roses in pink or peach tones if you want something more traditional (the colors of the wedding).

6. Blue and white themed bridal shower

You’ve probably seen blue and white themed bridal showers everywhere. This color combination is a classic and will always look good whether it’s used for a wedding or not. Blue and white is also a great option for a bridal shower because it can be used in multiple ways: you can use the same shade of blue throughout the party, or add some variety by incorporating different shades of blue.

7. Sugar cookies with the bride’s face on them!

You can make sugar cookies for the bridal shower and put the bride’s face on them! She will love how sweet you are, and so will her guests. You can do this in any of these ways:

  • Make them in her favorite color.
  • Make them in her favorite shape.
  • Make them in her favorite flavor (like peanut butter or chocolate chip).
  • Or make one of those cute little edible photos of the bride and groom with their faces on it!

You’ll love these ideas for hosting a bridal shower!

In the spirit of fun, here are some great ideas for bridal shower themes and favors you can use to create a memorable event.

  • For a more traditional look, choose “farmhouse” or “country chic” as your theme. Then, decorate with white and beige flowers (or whatever colors match your theme), baskets filled with fruit and veggies, hanging plants in mason jars or other containers, lace tablecloths and napkins—the works! Add some colorful paper straws for drinks so they don’t go unnoticed when guests take them home after the party…and make sure you have plenty because everyone loves them!
  • If you want something more modern-day cool but still elegant then try something like black & white chevron stripes on everything from cups to plates to napkins (even clothing!). You could also use chevron patterns on table runners if your venue doesn’t provide these already (like ours does). To make it extra special consider adding a personal touch by including an artistic quote from One Direction: “I’m extremely blessed”.


As you can see, there are so many different ways to make your bride feel special and loved. Whether it’s with a simple hang-out at home or an elaborate party in the park, these ideas will help you get started on planning the perfect bridal shower for your best friend!

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