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Bridal showers are a fun way to celebrate the bride with her pals before she takes the plunge into married life. Bridal showers can include lots of different kinds of activities, but one thing that’s great to do is to play bridal shower games. The best bridal shower games are ones that include all of the guests and get people laughing and having a good time together!

Section:1. Basket of Crazy

The bride chooses a wedding-related item from a basket, and then has to guess what it is. Her guests can help her by asking questions and giving clues. For example:

Guests: “Is this something you’d use in the kitchen?”

The bride: “Yes!”

Guests: “Well, what would be in the kitchen?”

The bride: “Knives!”

Section:2. Ball and chain

What is the Ball and Chain Game?

The ball and chain game is a fun twist on the classic pass-the-parcel game. It requires participants to guess what other players are holding inside their wrapped gifts, with only one rule: they have to be as specific as possible in describing their gift’s contents or else they’ll get a “ball and chain” wrapped around their ankles. How do you play? The person who is “it” has the task of wrapping gifts for each person in attendance at your bridal shower (or just for their favorite guests). Each participant opens their gift and finds something inside that matches one of several categories based on what’s easy for them to guess (i.e., clothing items like socks or jewelry), or something more obscure like candy bars, shoes, books etc.). Then it’s time for everyone else who received a ball-and-chain package from “it” to guess what was inside without being too vague about it! This can lead into some hilarious discussions because no one wants anyone else knowing exactly what they got…except maybe yourself since nobody will know if you’re lying anyway 😉 As soon as someone gets all five right wins an additional prize!

Section:3. The Mr Right game

One of the best ways to get to know a couple is by playing a game that asks them questions about their future together. This one is a great choice because it’s focused on the bride and groom rather than just the bride or just the groom.

The game starts off with each partner answering 10 questions about themselves. The other person has to guess what their responses will be, and then they take turns guessing what their partner’s answers would be in response to these questions (without knowing what those answers are!).

This game can also be played as an icebreaker at any point during your shower, so feel free to use this as an alternative if there are guests who aren’t interested in participating in another activity!

Section:4. The Body part challenge

The Body Part Challenge is a fun, easy game that requires little to no preparation. You can play this game with as few or as many guests as you want, but the more people playing the better! You will need two blindfolds and a list of body parts to pick from. The best part about this game is that it’s all in good fun so even if the bride gets embarrassed by some of the answers she’ll still have a good time laughing at everyone else’s responses!

The Bride and Groom are blindfolded while everyone else chooses one person to ask questions about what body part they’re touching. If they answer correctly they get a point; if they don’t then another guest gets to guess again until someone gives them an answer! The bride and groom are not allowed to say “body” or “parts”. They may only say “yes” or “no” when answering questions about which body part touches them (even if it isn’t one listed on their card). This makes it harder for them because there aren’t really any specific rules yet established so their answers will vary depending on how creative these challenges get!

Here are some examples:

  • Ask your partner “Is this hair?” If yes then give yourself 5 points; if no then let another guest try again until someone guesses correctly.”

Section:5. What’s in your purse?

This game is perfect for a bridal shower or other women’s party.


  • A purse (the bride’s favorite one)
  • A variety of items that can be placed in the purse, like: lipstick, chewing gum, tampons, etc.

Section:6. What’s under the pot?

  • What’s under the pot?

This game is a real hoot and can be played at any shower. The bride has to guess what’s under the pot. There are different things under the pot, like a ring, a gift or even pictures of her family members or friends. The bride has to guess what’s under the pot before she takes off her blindfold and looks inside!

Section:7. The barbie game

The Barbie game is a fun game to play at a bridal shower. The bride and groom are blindfolded and given a few minutes to guess what the other person is thinking about them. You can use this game as an ice breaker or just something fun for everyone to do!

Section:8. Guess the baby photo

  • Guess the Baby Photo:
  • Guessing the baby photo game is a great way to break up the monotony of traditional bridal shower games. There are plenty of different ways to play this game, but they all revolve around one central idea: trying to guess which baby photo was taken at what age. You can either use your own photos (or those of someone else) or find some online that you like and print them out on card stock or paper for guests.
  • The rules for guessing the baby photo game are simple: each guest gets five cards with photos on them and has to try and guess which ones were taken when their host was born/had been born in their life so far based on clues given by their hosts only after each round finishes! It may not sound like much fun at first glance but trust me – this game is actually really fun once everyone gets into it!

Section:9. Wedding bouquet toss

This is a super fun game that can be played with any number of people (the more the merrier). The goal is to catch the bouquet, but it’s not as easy as it might sound. You have to run through a gauntlet of bridesmaids and other wedding guests while trying not to get caught by any of them.

The first step is selecting your team. If you have more than one bride-to-be, definitely make sure they are on different teams so there’s no fighting over who gets the prize! Once everyone’s been assigned their roles, start playing! The groom should stand at one end of the room while each team lines up at opposite ends. When you’re ready, give a signal for everyone to start running toward him—and good luck catching those flowers!

Section:10. Crime Scene investigation

How to set up: Set up a crime scene. Then, place the suspects in different parts of the room. Finally, have each guest take turns reading a statement from one of their suspects and vote on who they think committed the crime called out by another guest (this will be decided by majority vote). If you get it right, you win!

How to play: Each person has a little notebook where he or she writes down all his/her clues that he or she has found during the investigation.

When someone thinks they’ve solved who committed this murder mystery, they announce what happened with evidence collected so far. After hearing all sides, other players write down whether they agree with this hypothesis or not on their papers. The majority wins!

If there is no winner after 20 minutes then everyone goes home empty handed but happy because at least we tried something new and had fun doing it!

Section:11. Memory jar

A Memory Jar is a jar filled with items that represent the couple. Before you go home from the shower, you have to remember what each item in the jar represents. This game can be played as an individual activity or as a group one. If it’s played as a group activity, everyone will take turns getting into pairs and asking their partner questions about the items in their Memory Jar.

In order to make your own Memory Jar:

  • Buy some small glass jars (vases work too!) that are big enough to hold some items inside but not too big so they don’t take up much space on your table at home once you get back from your bridal shower.
  • Write down things that represent you and/or your fiancé and his/her family (i.e., movies or TV shows that both of you like). You may also want to include photos or even mementos from vacations together — whatever makes sense!
  • Fill these jars with anything related to these topics or events (for example: ticket stubs for places where both of you have gone together). It doesn’t need to be expensive stuff either; most people will donate something just because it’s fun!

Section:12. Wedding advice for the couple

This one is simple, but effective. The host has the guests write down their best advice for the couple on a piece of paper and then places them in an envelope or box. Once all the advice has been collected, the bride and groom open it at their first anniversary party or another special occasion (i.e., baby shower).

The newlyweds can then thank each guest for offering them such helpful advice — whether they’re using any of it or not!

Section:13. Wedding dress word scramble

A word scramble is a type of puzzle which involves rearranging the letters of a word to make a new word or sentence.

Word scrambles can be challenging, fun and educational for all ages! They’re also a great way for children (or adults) to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. Most word scrambles involve unscrambling all the words in the puzzle. However, some puzzles may have one or more words already unscrambled somewhere in the grid–these are known as “hints” or “clues”.

Word searches are another popular form of brain teasing games that people enjoy playing on their own, with friends or family members, at parties or just when they need something different than Sudoku to do while they’re waiting at airport security checkpoints. You’ll find lots of free printable word search puzzles here – but if you prefer playing online then why not check out this great site next time you’re looking for something fun?

Section:14. Bridal shower word search puzzle game

Word search puzzles are a great way to kill time and get your brain working. You’ll need some paper, a pencil, and maybe a timer if you want to play competitively.

To play: Write the name of each guest on a piece of paper, then number them so they can be put in order in your puzzle. Start with the bride-to-be’s name at the top left corner and fill in words that fit the theme like “love” or “bride.” Have fun!

To win: Find all of the words as quickly as possible. The average word search puzzle has about 20 words hidden within its grid.

Section:15. Mad Libs wedding story game

When you think of games for a bridal shower, Mad Libs comes up as a go-to option. This game is fun for anyone who likes to write stories! You can play this game with just one person or with a group of people.

Here’s how it works: each guest creates their own story by filling in the blanks of an existing template. Then they pass their paper around so that everyone gets a chance to fill in their name and see what other guests have written. It’s great when you have more than enough participants because there are so many stories created!

Section:16. Who knows the bride best? (Trivia Game)

The best way to play this game is to have two teams compete against each other. The first team has the bride’s best friend and mother on it along with the bride-to-be, while the second team consists of the maid of honor, bridesmaids and mother-in-law.

Each team starts by choosing a member who will be in charge of asking questions during their turn. The goal is for each team to answer as many trivia questions correctly as possible; then you can have either one winner or an overall winner at the end (depending on how competitive you want your event). To make things more interesting, consider adding a timer so that there isn’t any down time between turns! You could also ask guests for suggestions when making up your own questions.

Section:17. Bridal shower vocabulary quiz game

  • How to play:
  • Set up a dictionary (or use your phone if you have the word definitions already downloaded) and a timer.
  • Gather the shower guests into pairs, then give each pair a letter. They should decide who will ask questions and who will answer them.
  • The person who is asking should take turns reading words on the list out loud while their partner tries to guess each word using only its first letter as their clue. If they get it right, they go to another letter in “Bridal Shower Vocabulary”. You can also challenge each other by asking about the definition of words or asking for synonyms for words that you think everyone knows but aren’t exactly sure about themselves!

Section:18. Shoe game – Mr & Mrs Quiz Game Questions for the Bride and Groom at a bridal shower, bachelorette party or wedding reception! Get to know the newlyweds better with this fun and romantic twist on a classic 10 questions bridal shower game where couples try to guess what their partner will answer to 10 questions about their lives together! This is a great bridal shower game idea that will have everyone laughing! #bridalshowergames #bachelorettepartygames #weddingreceptiongames #marriedcouplegames #printablegamequestionsforbrideandgroom

This is a great bridal shower game idea that will have everyone laughing! You can play this game at a wedding shower, bachelorette party or at the wedding reception. You can print out the questions and answers and ask questions from your guests like: “What did you think would be harder? Living together or getting married?” or “Will you be able to beat each other in sports?”

If you want to make sure all of your guests will have fun playing this game, try combining it with others in our list of best bridal shower games!


We hope you will love these games as much as we do and that they will make your bridal shower so much fun. They are a great way to break the ice and get everyone engaged, involved and having an amazing time! Don’t forget to check out our entire collection of printable bridal shower games including designs from our Chalkboard, Recipe Cards, Floral Wreath and Lavender Bridal Shower collections! You can get them in our Etsy shop here.

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